An ancient affair

Panama, also located in Central America, between Colombia and Costa Rica, enjoys the Caribbean Sea on one coast and the Pacific Ocean on the other. This strategic location means that nonstop flights from Miami are less than 3 hours long and about 5 hours long from New York.

Panama is the only place in the world where it’s unique geography allows you to see the sunrise on the Pacific and the sunset on the Atlantic from the same spot! The country’s narrowest point is only 80 kilometers wide, separating the Atlantic from the Pacific. Since it’s a small country, you can reach an exotic deserted Island in a 40-minute local flight. Panama is also known for it’s conservation efforts, as almost 40% of its territory is protected by National Parks and Reserves. It has great beaches, jungles, forest, rivers, waterfalls, rainforests, mountains, agriculture, and adventure.

Panama’s capital -downtown Panamá City- offers a resemblance to Miami, while Old Town Panama has maintained colonial architecture (Spanish/French style), allowing for great location shootings, as it can pass for many Latin American cities, such as Cuba or Brazil.

The weather is tropical and subtropical with a dry season from December to April, transitional months in May and November, and rainy season from June to October.

Some advantages to shooting in Panama
1) Tax incentives for jobs over $500k. There’s a 25% tax return on all in-country expenses.
2) Strategic geographical position, with direct flights from most mayor cities. EST time zone.
3) Small country allows for great and varied locations short distances apart. Several settings and locations can be covered within a few shoot days.
4) Top tier crew and low-cost non-union talent buyouts (Ethnic background is made up of 27% Whites, 33% African American, 40% Indigenous).
5) Peaceful and safe.
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