Costa Rica

Natural beauty for all senses.

Located in Central America, nestled between Panama and Nicaragua, with the Caribbean Sea on one coast and the Pacific Ocean on the other coast, Costa Rica enjoys a strategic location. Los Angeles is just a 5-hour nonstop flight to Costa Rica, while Miami is only a 3-hour plane ride.

Costa Rica offers beaches, jungles, cloud forests, rivers, waterfalls, volcanoes, rainforests, lakes, mountains, agriculture, and different types of adventure (ziplining, surfing, rafting, and bungee). It also offers island looks with mainland comforts. It has 0.03% of the earth’s surface and holds almost 6% of the world’s biodiversity.

Costa Rica’s weather is tropical and subtropical with a dry season from December to April, transitional months in May and November, and rainy season June to October. The Caribbean Coast -due to hurricane season in the North- has a different weather system, with summer months in September and October.

Some advantages to shooting in Costa Rica
1) Tax incentives for jobs over $500k. There’s an 80% tax return of the VAT (VAT is 13%).
2) Strategic geographical position, with direct flights from most mayor cities. CST time zone.
3) Small country allows for great and varied locations short distances apart. Several settings and locations can be covered within a few shoot days. (Waterfalls, forest, jungles, beaches and island look with mainland comfort).
4) Top tier crew (non-union) and low-cost non-union talent buyouts. (Ethnic background is 94% Whites, 3% African American, 1% American, 1% Chinese and 1% Others).
5) It’s easy to shoot with drones (using local options).
6) Peaceful and safe. One of the few countries in the world that does not have an army.
7) 99% of electricity is generated from renewable sources.
Traveling times from major cities

Short flight durations.
Miami, FL -2:45 hrs
Dallas, TX – 4:20 hrs
Los Angeles, CA – 5:50 hrs
Atlanta, GA – 3:55 hrs
New York, NY – 5:20 hrs
Houston, TX – 3:35 hrs
Toronto, Canada – 5:20 hrs
Madrid, Spain – 10:10 hrs

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